JF when going to Wamena Prison from Jayawijaya District Attorney Office-Jubi / Islami

Polish tourist’s case submitted to Attorney Office


JF when going to Wamena Prison from Jayawijaya District Attorney Office-Jubi / Islami

Wamena, Jubi – Papua Regional Police hand over the case of a Polish tourist Jakup Fabian Skrzypski (JF) who arrested a few months ago to Jayawijaya District Attorney on Friday (02/11/2018) because all documents and evidence are considered complete.

“So, the four suspects are handed over, two arrested in Wamena, including JF, and others arrested in Yalimo,” said Adjunct Police Commissionaire Lintong Simanjuntak, the Chief of Violence and Crime Division of the Directorate of Crime Investigation of Papua Regional Police.

By flight Trigana Air, JF and three other persons (SM, SA and IW) departed from Jayapura to Wamena and immediately transferred to Jayawijaya District Attorney Office for re-examination.

The four have now officially detainees of District Attorney. They sent two defendants to the House of Correction Class B Wamena, while the rest placed in the police custody in Jayawijaya Police Headquarter.


Adjunct Commissionaire Simanjuntak, who accompanied the four defendants from Jayapura to Wamena, said although Papua Police investigates this case of alleged treason, the trial would be conducted in Wamena because the incident occurred in Wamena.

“The investigation conducted by Papua Regional Police in collaboration with Papua District Attorney Office, and it has been at P21 phase or a stage which both suspects and evidence are submitted to Jayawijaya District Attorney Office to use in the Wamena District Court,” he said in the House of Correction Wamena.

Furthermore, he admitted that during the investigation, the police assisted by the Foreign Ministry has communicated with the Polish Ambassador in Jakarta.  So, all procedures have done appropriately.

Meanwhile, the Chief of State’s Defense and Public Security of the Papua District Attorney Adrianus Irham Tamana said the trial would conduct before twenty days of detention. “The trial before twenty days of detention will be handed over to the court. Currently, they are still under our custody,” he said.

An Objection

Meanwhile, the suspects’ legal advisor Latifah Anum Siregar said the public prosecutor’s team objected if the detainees placed in the jail of Police Headquarter due to prison overcapacity. “Does this transfer create a problem of overcapacity? What about their access and rights? Can it be fulfilled or not?” questioned Siregar.

Also, she revealed that during the detention in Papua Regional Police, the detention room had already been overcapacity, with 50 people occupied the space of 25.  Moreover, they must share the toilet for bathing, washing dishes and so on.

“The reason of security must be compared with humanitarian purpose. Do not apply this reason to ignore humanity.  Instead, it becomes overreacted because my clients have to get access to lawyers, religious leaders and this shouldn’t be restricted,” she said.

Furthermore, she revealed that from the beginning her client JF had rejected all allegations against him through the police had the evidence. She also thinks the legal process of four suspects was made difficult, for instance, they were arrested in Wamena but brought to Jayapura for investigation and transferred to Wamena for trial.

“A file related to JF is about Simon Magal who arrested in Timika. We need to clarify this, as well as its legal process. However, it seems the police made it complicated,” she said.

Moreover, she hopes that the attorney office can accelerate the trial, and her legal team will see what evidence used in the court.

“Our client refuse all charges, including the photographs showing him holding the weapon, and trained using the weapon because all conducted in his country where the use of the weapon is legal. “We’ll see the evidence in the trial,” she said. (*)


Reporter: Islami Adisubrata

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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