Ilustration (IST)

Policeman Shoots Soldier

Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Jayapura, Jubi – A policeman shot a soldier in his leg  following a dispute in Pirime, Lanny Jaya Regency.

The Regional XVIII Military Commander, Major General Fransen G. Siahaan said the incident was just a case of misunderstanding between the soldier and the policeman.
“We have appealed to soldiers to remain calm,” he said on Monday (13/10) by phone.

He said the incident occurred when the Pirime Police Chief ordered his officers to raid vehicles that passed the area following the discovery of bullets at  Sentani Airport Jayapura.

At that time, there was a military member in a truck traveling towards Pirime.
“He has informed the Mobile Brigade members about who he was, but those officers kept yelling at him and telling him theyíre not scared of the military. So he went down to the military station. The situation was tense at that moment,” he said.


Siahaan said the soldier reported about his experience to his field commander at the station, who. then along with the Pilime Police Chief and the soldier came to the scene to solve the dispute.
“When they arrived at the Mobile Brigade station, they were shot at. They might have thought the military wanted revenge after the incident, while they didnít know the Police Chief and the field commander were there.  During the shooting incident, the Field Commander was shot in his leg, but he is now fine,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Papua Police Chief, the Inspector General Police Yotje Mende told reporter by phone to contact the Papua Police Spokesperson for confirmation. (Indrayadi TH/rom)

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