A young man while being investigated by Jayapura Police (Jubi)

Police will call the bullets’ owner

A young man while being investigated by Jayapura Police (Jubi)

A young man while being investigated by Jayapura Police (Jubi)

Jayapura, 7/2 (Jubi) – Papua Police will call against someone with initial PW who is suspected as the owner of eight bullets found in a bag of Kristianus D Madai (30) last Monday (3/2). 

“We are in the way of a further investigation, including to check a suspect’s statement that eight bullets are belong to his friend at UKI Jakarta,” the Chief of Papua Police, Inspector General Police Tito Karnavian, Friday (7/2). The police would continue to call PW and if he refused the first call until the third call, the police would do the forced call to find out the detail information about the founded bullets that was seized from the suspect.
When being asked whether the bullets were only used for sniper’s gun, the Chief claimed not knowing exactly about the bullets’ type. “I don’t know yet about the bullets but I will check it to the Chief of Jayapura Police.
Kristianus Delgion Madai, a student at Universitas Kristen Indonesia (UKI) said to tabloidjubi.com yesterday (6/2) that he had no idea about the bullets found in his bag. “I was shocked when the bullets were found because it was not detected in the X-Ray when I was in Jakarta,” he said at the police station in Doyo Baru Sentani on Thursday (6/2).
He said he was departed from Jakarta to Nabire but when transited in Jayapura he was detected carrying the bullets. “ I don’t believe. I thought this is prank, so I told to the airport officer to check my bag through the X-Ray for the second time,” he said.
He said since his time was limited, then he gave the bullets to the airport officer and walked directly to the waiting room.
“When I was waiting the airplane at the transit hall, suddenly the police come and asked me to go to the nearest police station to solve the problem. I refused since I had only two hours transit before departure. But the police insisted that I go to the police station. So I was forced to go,” he added. (Jubi/Idrayadi TH/rom)

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