Police Was Two Hours Late to Respond to Fire Incident


Jakarta, Jubi – Human right activist Yones Douw said police was two hours late to respond to a fire at One-Roof School which broke out at 3:00 Papua time.

He said Yulian Yeimo and Simeon Degei who were killed in the shooting incident at Paniai on 8 December 2014 were students at the Yamewa Vocational School. One-Roof School consists of (YPPG Junior High School, Yamewa Vocational School and Touyemana Pedagogue College).

“The classrooms and school office of YPPGI Junior High School was burned by unknown people. The building was also used by two other schools, namely Yamewa Vocational School and Touyemana Pedagogue College,” he told Jubi through email on Friday morning (20/2/2015).

He revealed the perpetrators burned two buildings. The first building which consisted of eight classrooms was located at the top of school office, while the second building was located at the was located at the top of school office which consisted of eight classrooms, while the second building was located on the ground consist of three classrooms. The perpetrators were taken advantage at night when the building left behind the guard.

“On that night, both security guards and teachers as well as students were not at the school. Thus the irresponsible people took this advantage. Only several buildings safe from the fire, that are YPPPGI High School, Eklesia Kindergarten, mosque and teachers’ houses,” he said.


He further said people reported this incident to the police but the officers came to the scene late. The police officers arrived at the location two hours after the incident while its office is located less than fifty meters from the scene.

“Those who burned this school do not want the Mee people moving forward to compete with other tribes and uneducated. Even they want it to be destroyed,” he said.

Meanwhile the Paniai Customary Council Chariman John Gobay confirmed about the fire incident. He admitted receiving the report from a resident but he cannot tell further about it. “Yes, it happened, but I cannot tell the detail yet because I have guess from Jakarta,” he told Jubi.

And as reported by Antara News Agency, the Papua Police Spokesperson Patrige Renwarin confirmed about the fire incident.

“It burned nine classrooms and three teachers’ rooms. The buildings were destroyed. The fire was extinguished at around 16:00 Papua time,” Renwarin said.

The material lost due to the fire incident, further he said, estimated reach 2.5 billion rupiahs. However, the police could not conclude yet about the source of fire. (Mawel Benny/rom)

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