Police Urge Public to Help Reveal Murder Case


Timika, Jubi – Mimika police asked the public to help them find the perpetrators of various cases of murder in the region.

Mimika Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mudjiharso Yustanto in Timika, this week, said police could not do their jobs effectively without support from society.
“Public participation is very important. We have formed a network involving of community leaders and others,” he said.

Last week, Mimika Police arrested IK for alleged involvement in the killings of the Tukimin family in January.

Police are still looking for IK’s friends who were believed to be involved in the murder of Tukimin (35) and his son, Febri (11) on Friday (30/1/2015) at midnight.

While, Tukimin’s wife, Nunuk (28) with two other children, Mepiyu (6) and Nando (2) have been threatened by IK and friends..


In the aftermath of the incident, thousands of residents from the island of Java in Timika on Wednesday (4/2/2015) held a peaceful demonstration to express solidarity.
“We give time for the police to immediately reveal this case in the next 15 days,” said Hadi Wiyono, Chairman of the Society Family Banyuwangi, East Java in Timika. (*/ Tina)

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