Church leader and Chairman of NU of Papua Province - Jubi

Police to Stop Questioning GIDI Leaders?

Church leader and Chairman of NU of Papua Province - Jubi

Church leader and Chairman of NU of Papua Province – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Police will stop the questioning of three GIDI leaders after a meeting between religious leaders; Nadhatul Ulama (NU) and church synod leaders in Papua and Crime and Investigation Unit Chief of Papua Police last week.

The statement was made after the meeting between the General Crime and Investigation Director of Papua Police Dwi Riyanto with the Chairman of Nadhatul Ulama Papua, DR. H. Toni Wanggai, MA, and the Kingmi Synod Chairman the Rev. Benny Giay, Baptist Synod Chairman the Rev. Socratez Sofyan Yoman, GIDI Synod Chairman the Rev. Dorman Wandikbo and GKI Synod Chairman presented by the Rev. Dora Balubun at the Papua Police Headquarter.

The rev. Benny Giay said considering the security for all, especially people in Tolikara, both Christian and Muslim, so through the meeting the Papua Police agreed to discontinue summon over three GIDI leaders for further questions. The agreement was accommodated by Interfaith Forum (FKUB) Papua on 29 July 2015.

“This summon discontinued because at first, this agreement is to represent the feeling and aspiration of both sides. Second, it is related to the security for both sides, because it’s not only the police who’s responsible to the security. The Police should respect this, for not taking any further action with doing investigation. If they insist to do so, what’s for about? Because both sides have agreed for peace,” Giay said.


And third, good intention of both sides that has resulted seven points of agreement for conflict resolution should be respected. Giay also said a question should be raised if the police continue enforcing the legal process by issue letter of summon only against GIDI. Nevertheless, the continuation of this misunderstanding would be further discussed with Papua Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw after he returns from Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Chairman of NU Papua Province, DR. H. Toni Wanggai, MA said his present with Papua church leaders at Papua Police Headquarter to give fully support so that the police could respect the decision taken by both sides. “NU Papua fully support the demand of the church synod leaders to discontinue the legal process of Tolikara incident and solved through mediation and companionship or by customary law according to peace agreement made between GIDI and Muslim leaders at Tolikara on 29 July,” Haji Wanggai told Jubi.

“Because the government is only care about the legal process but ignore the customary, social and cultural approach, therefore we are worried that this case would be prolonged and complex, it also would affect the stability of social politic in Papua and Indonesia,” Haji Wanggai said.

He also said GIDI leaders have respectfully apologized the security forces who did repressive action that caused many wounded people and one death from GIDI members. They also agreed to maintain the harmony between Muslim and Christian Community in Tolikara.

“We hope the President Jokowi could wisely discontinue this process of legal enforcement to prevent the greater social political impact for the sake of common respect in realizing Papua as peaceful land,” Haji Wanggai said.

Meanwhile, the Crime and Investigation Unit Director of Papua Police did not give any comments in regards to the meeting result that held about one hour in his office. His office has issued three summonses against the Rev. Nayus Wonda, the Rev. Marhen Jingga and the Rev. Yakob Jikwa. But the summons over three GIDI leaders on Friday (14/8) was protested by church and NU leaders in Papua. (Yuliana Lantipo/rom)

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