Security in Freport Indonesia mining area -

Police Tighten Security at Freeport’s Explosive Warehouse

Security in Freport Indonesia mining area -

Security in Freport Indonesia mining area –

Timika, Jubi – Mimika Police working with PT Freeport Security personnel have tightened security at the company’s explosive warehouse located at the Light Industrial Park (LIP).

Mimika Police Deputy Chief Commissioner Wirasto Adi Nugroho told reporters in Timika on Wednesday (7/10/2015) that the action was taken after an unknown person reportedly entered the warehouse days ago.
“In the future, we will coordinate with Freeport’s security guards to improve the security on Freeport’s explosive warehouse because the location is quite remote,” he said.

In this context, he said, a troop of Mobile Brigade has been deployed to provide security assistance to the company that earlier only have a unit of security guard.

Wirasto admitted there are thousands of magnum-type explosive stored at the warehouse for the purpose of mining operation.


On Monday (5/10), the security guard found a padlock attached on the warehouse was broken. He also found the perpetrator who ‘s not identified yet broke the wire fence behind the warehouse. Some stuffs were found scattered outside of the warehouse.

So far the police assumed the perpetrator came in the warehouse searching for food that might be stored. “We will evaluate the warehouse’s security system, why could the perpetrator easily enter it. We will also ask the management to install a camera to help identify people who enter the warehouse,” he said.

Until now the Mimika Police is still doing the investigation related to the destruction of Freeport’s facility. PT Freeport use the magnum-type explosive to crush the stones at the Grasberg open mining area and at several underground mining areas in Tembagapura. Those stones contain the copper and gold minerals to be further processed by PT. Freeport. (*/rom)

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