Police Shot Two Civilians and Arrest KNBP Member in Yahukimo


Jayapura, Jubi – A West Papua National Committee (KNPB) member and an elementary school teacher were shot and wounded while another KBPB member was reportedly arrested by police in Yahukimo Regency while conducting a fundraising campaign for a pro-independence group.

KNPB Yahukimo Chairman Serius Suhuniap confirmed this incident by phone (19/3/2015).

He said the fundraising was intended to support the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) diplomacy in their effort to be a member of the Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG).
As part of the campaign, regional KNPB activists held peace demonstrations, worship and fundraising in their respective areas.

“After receiving the instruction, we conducted a meeting and agreed to build an open state in front of Ruko Putera Daerah Yahukimo on 9 – 10 March 2015. We started the fundraising on 11 – 18 March 2015,” Suhuniap told Jubi.

On Thursday (19/3/2015), Yahukimo KNPB planned to announce the closure of fundraising and invited public in worship for closing ceremony at 15:00 Papua time. Suhuniap said they already made well coordination with the local police about this event.


Ahead to the preparation of closure of fundraising, Papua Police assigned the Mobile Brigade flew from Wamena to Yahukimo to join with the local police. Together they went to the scene at 09:25 Papua time pulling down the stage and seizing some KNPB’s stuffs including banner, megaphone, speaker, microphone and camera.

“They also disbanded the crowd who come for worship brutally. A KNPB member Isai Dapla was shot on the chest and elementary teacher Solomon Pahabol hit by bullet on his left leg. And KNPB member Elias Kabak was arrested and now secured in the Jayawijaya Police Office,” Suhuniap said. ]

Meanwhile, Central KNPB Secretary General Ones Suhuniap confirmed to Jubi about this incident by email. “Therefore KNPB asks the Papua Police to responsible for the police’s brutal and inhuman act against Papuans in Yahukimo,” he said.

Antara News said an officer’s revolver was missing when the police dispersed the crowd. According to Antara News on Thursday (19/3/2015), the incident was occurred Yahukimo Police Deputy Chief Supraptomo assigned Mobile Brimobe officer to disperse the KNPB fundraising held at Dekai Business Center, Yahukimo. An officer was reportedly open fire to alert the crowd who fight back. They even hit the officer Budi Santoso and took his revolver.

The Papua Police Spokesperson Commissionaire Senior Patrige Renwarin admitted an officer lost his revolver during the incident to disperse KNPB mass. “That’s true. He lost his revolver at the incident,” Renwarin said. (Arnold Belau/Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

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