This student was shot on his right ankle and left tight - Jubi

Police Shoot Suspected Robber in Wamena

This student was shot on his right ankle and left tight - Jubi

This student was shot on his right ankle and left tight – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Jayawijaya – Police shot and wounded a suspected robber in Wamena City on Sunday (21/6/2015).

Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Police Commissioner Ronny Thaba told reporters at Wamena Public Hospital that around 17:30 Papua time, Jayawijaya Police officers followed a man identified as RP alias Robby on suspicion of mugging at Jalan Irian Atas, Wamena. Knowing the police followed him; he left his motorcycle and ran away.

The police officer fired warning shots three times but he kept running. So the officer knocked him out by shooting his right ankle.
“Today the Jayawijaya Police responds to the acts of theft and violence such as mugging, motorcycle grabbing. So we are currently arresting one of criminal who often doing his acts in Wamena City. He is identified as RP alias Robby who live in Kimbim,” the Chief explained.

Two days ago, RP who is identified as fourth semester student in the private university in Wamena City was allegedly grabbed a bag consisted of money, mobile phone, book and wallet belong to a woman named Lemina Wenda.


Meanwhile, the Chairman of Human Right Advocacy and Law Enforcement of Papua Central Highland, Theo Hesegem confirmed about the shooting.

“At around six in the afternoon, the police shot a nursing student. He is 19 years old. The local officer shot him,” Hesegem told Jubi.

He further said the student was shot on his right ankle and left tight. Currently he was treated in the UGD of Wamena Public Hospital. “The police guard him strictly, he said.

Through the incident, the Police Chief said if the criminals do not stop their acts of stealing, robbing and grabbing with violence, the police would shot them on the scene. “I hope the criminals could stop their acts because I will take the affirmative action to paralyze them, shot them on the scene if they were caught in action by police officers,” he firmly said.

Further, according to the Police Chief, the police would develop the case based on RP’s information to reveal the acts of mugging and theft of motorcycle that was happening in Wamena City. (Islami/Victor Mambor/rom)

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