The bullets. (Illustration)

Police Seize Home-Made Firearms, Bullets at Jayapura Port

The bullets. (Illustration)

The bullets. (Illustration)

Jayapura, Jubi – Police in the sea port area of Jayapura city seized a gray suitcase containing six home-made firearms and bullets, believe to belong to one of the passengers. The KM. Dorolonda was docked at the Jayapura port on Tuesday (16/02/2015). According to a source who refused to be named, the suitcase was carried by a port laborer.

“It is suspected that the suitcase belongs to one of the passengers, only it is unclear how many firearms and ammunition in the suitcase,” the source said on Wednesday (02/18/2015).

Papua Police spokesman, Commissioner (Pol) Patrige Renwarin confirmed the finding. He further added that in that day, at about19:30 pm, ship of KM Dorolonda docked at the Port of Jayapura. A member of the police, Adjunct Inspector (Aiptu) Demmaloga suspected a suitcase brought by a port labor. He then told the port labor to call the owner of suitcase but he did not come back.

“The case was then secured in Jayapura Police Sea Port (KPL). Then, on Wednesday (18/2), at 11:00 am, the police chief and deputy of KPL with some members examine the suitcase and yes it contains home made firearms and ammunition,” Renwarin on Wednesday (18/02/2015).


According to him, there are five home made short barrel firearms, and one long barrel firearm. Police also found two rounds of SSI ammunition, and two rounded package that kind of explosive contents. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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