The launch of a local office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) - Jubi

Police Remove ULMWP Office Sign

The launch of a local office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) - Jubi

The launch of a local office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – After the office opening of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) on Monday (15/2/2016) at Kompleks Jalan Kuburan Lama, Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regent Wempi Wetipo called Jayawijaya Regional Communication Forum for meeting.

Attended in the meeting held in Jayawijaya Regent’s office on Tuesday (16/2/2016) were Jayawijaya Police Chief, Jayawijaya 1702 Military District Commander, 756/WMS Battalion Commander, Chairman of Jayawijaya Regional Legislative Council, and Wamena District Prosecutor General Chief.

After the forum meeting, Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Semmy Ronny Thabaa told Jubi that Lapago Customary Council initially acknowledged the authorities to conduct public preaching and launch the customary honai or Customary Council Secretariat in Wamena. But he admitted the field investigation reported another movement or invasion has been occurred due to the launch of ULMWP Office and even set the nameplate.

“Once he got the information on this morning, the regent called the Jayawijaya Regional Security Council for discussing the further actions. The Police will get assistance from the Military; we will act according to legal procedure by inviting the committee for their clarification related to the information on the launch of ULMWP Office,” said the Chief.


According to the Chief, in this closed meeting the regent would issue a letter to appeal and warn the organizer committee requesting them to remove the ULMWP Office sign within a day.

“We knew that the Customary Council conducted an event, and as long as not disturbing the peace and order and society or doing something against the State, we think it wouldn’t be a problem,” he said, “but it shouldn’t use any symbols or emblems or slogans of prohibited organizations that are certainly against Pancasila, the State’s principle. Its vision and mission is certainly against the union of the Republic of Indonesia. So their existence must be anticipated. Today I have invited the committee for clarification related the office launching,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, when reconfirmed, the Police Chief declared about 16:00 in the afternoon, he led the police officers to the Secretariat of Customary Council and provided understanding to the community. “We came to the Secretariat of Customary Council and explained that ULMWP is an organization that is opposing to our State’s principle, then we removed its office sign without violence,” he added.

Jayawijaya District Commander, Lieutenant Infantry Muhammad Aidi added the letter of permit by authorities to the Customary Council has been misused by declaring the opening of ULMWP Office. “Though Lapago Customary Council has not been registered in National and Political Unity Department according to regional and State regulations because it excludes the principle of Pancasila in the organization, but we understand it is the civil organization, so as long as not disturbing the public security and against this republic, it would get permit to conduct an event,” said the Commander.

Until the late of afternoon, Jayawijaya Regent was still busy receiving a number of guests for being asked for confirmation on the launch of ULMWP Office. “The regent instructed reporters asking the Police Chief or Military Commander,” said a staff Regent to reporters.

Markus Haluk, ULMWP official who attended the launch of ULMWP Office, confirmed the remove of ULMWP Office sign. He said the Customary Secretariat received a letter signed by Jayawijaya Regent.

“The meeting coordination of Jayawijaya Regional Security Council instructed the secretariat to remove the office sign within 24 hours. If not, the authorities would take a decisive action. But around 16:30, both Police Chief and District Military Commander came to remove the office sign and repeal its pole,” said Markus Haluk.

But he declared ULMWP would not stop its activities due this incident. “It’s only an office sign and pole. But our Customary Honai (secretariat) is still there. ULMWP would not stop,” he said.

One day earlier, about five thousand people were gathered at Lapago Customary Council Office in Kompleks Jalan Kuburan Lama, Wamena City attending the launch of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua Office on Monday (15/2/2016). They came from different Lapago customary areas. (Victor Mambor/rom)

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