Police in West Papua (Jubi)

Police Received Rp. 2.28 Billion from Sarmi Regency

Police in West Papua (Jubi)

Police in West Papua (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua police denied media reports that they received Rp. 4.4 billion in social aid funds (Bansos) from the Sarmi regent.

“There was a flow of funds from Sarmi regency to the account of Sarmi Police with total of Rp2,281,300,000 and not Rp4.4 billion,” Papua police spokesman Commissioner Pol Patrige confirmed in Jayapura last week.
“And the rest Rp.2.2 billion, we do not know for certain where the funding source from. Yet to earn these funds, we have met the existing mechanisms which begins with the submission of a proposal for financing political and social activities,” he said.

Actually the funds were used for securing the election of governor in 2013-2017, a routine patrol activities, the 2013 Bhayangkara anniversary, securing May 1, 2013 and securing regents cup tournament in 2013.
“We believe that the investigators have had a number of supporting evidence on the case. So we follow the processes that are running, “he said.

At the beginning of the month, the defendant of social assistance funds, head of financial officer Bartholomeus Sato said about Rp.50 billion has been used appropriately and reserved in accordance with the rules.


The recipients in 2013/2014 period were Sarmi Police worth of Rp. 4.4 billion and Kodim Sarmi worth Rp4.6 billion.

Regional Military Commander XVII / Cenderawasih G Major General Fransen Siahaan claimed not to know about it and promised to check the correctness of the information or news.

Sarmi Bansos fund case also turned out allegedly involving the regent Mesak Manibor who have captured by a combined team of AGO, Kejati and Papua Police on Thursday (14/5). (*/ Tina)

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