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Police Re-Arrest Two KNPB Activists in Manokwari

KNPB hold a rally on last year - Jubi

KNPB hold a rally on last year – Jubi

Yogjakarta, Jubi – The West Papua Police re-arrested two fugitive activists from the National Committee of West Papua (KPNB) in Manokwari region on Friday, July 3rd.

The Commission for Diplomacy of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) of Manokwari region, Samuel Mabel, last week, said that Manokwari Police arrested the two KNPB activist on Mansinam island.

“The two of them , Narko Muri and Jemi Murib previously fled from police custody in Manokwari. They were arrested on Mansinam island when they wanted to go to Nabire,” he told Jubi by cell phone from Manokwari, West Papua.

“They also got beaten by officers when arrested,” he said. Currently, they are with three other KNPB activists in Manokwari police custody.


Previously local print media in Manokwari and West Papua published that a peaceful demonstration detainee who is an activist of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), Narko Murib escape from police custody in Manokwari on Tuesday (06/16/2015).

And a team of legal advocacy and human rights for the people of West Papua, coordinated by the Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) in Manokwari ignored the news.
“Our clients, namely Alexander Nekenem, Narko Murib, Maikel Aso and Yoram Magai are detained in headquarters of Brigade Mobile. They are actually very well guarded by members of the Mobile Brigade on duty at all times,” Yan Christian Warinussy explained. (Arnold Belau)

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