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Police Raid KNPB Merauke Office, Arrest Chairman

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Yogyakarta, Jubi – Dozens police officers came to KNPB and PRD secretariat at around and arrested Merauke KNPB Chairman Gento Emerikus.

A witness who decline to be named told Jubi about 15 minutes before the police arrived, some special army forces were seen passing through KNPB and PRD secretariat on motorcycle.

Then at around 11:00 Papua time, Merauke Police led by Marthin Kuagouw came to the secretariat with the police’s truck and motorcycles.
“KNPB and PRD had no specific activities when the police came and raided the secretariat shouting them to disperse and go home, but Gento Emerikus said he’s the responsible one. The police straightly,” he said on monday (3/8/2015).

He further said at that time, KNPB and PRD activists were at secretariat. They used to be gathered and stay there everyday eventhough there’s no specific activities.
“The police said ‘all of you are gathering to plan a boycott on the anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day 17 August 2015’. The fact is we were not in a meeting or planning something. Then Police Operation Head told us to stop gathering. ‘If you keep to do so, we will come with the army to disperse you with stricter action,” he cited the head.


He explained when the special army forced passed through their secretariat, the police sent a short message to KNPB Chairman asking what did they have a meeting? His said no but the police still came at noon.

Meanwhile the Central KNPB spokesperson Bazoka Logo when confirmed by Jubi said he regretted the police’s act in Merauke Regency. He said the police in Merauke must learn about the Law because they acted as same as uneducated people.
“Do not think we would be afraid of their old fashioned acts. On the other hand we feel grateful because the Police is helping us to accelerate our struggle with act like uneducated people against us Papuans,” he said.

He further said the professionalism and credibility of both Merauke Police Chief and Merauke Police Operation Head should be questioned as they acted violating the procedure due to the raid and arrest.
“Currently KNPB and PRD had no activities but the police raided and arrested the KNPB Chairman. It’s very ashamed because there’s no activities conducted today. This country is very weird and messy. It had no idea how to apply their own law,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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