Yali Wenda, a student who arrested by police (Jubi)


Yali Wenda, a student who arrested by police (Jubi)

Yali Wenda, a student who arrested by police (Jubi)

Jayapura, (2/4)  Jubi – Police in Jayapura were questioning  two student leaders, Yali Wenda and Aparis Kapisa, over a demonstration demanding the release of Papuan political prisoners.

“We did not issue the Letter of Notification because the time was coincided with  election campaigning. They were allowed to demonstrate since earlier they proposed to conduct a peaceful protest without going on a long march,” Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Senior Alfred Papare said on Wednesday afternoon (2/4).

He said the police have 24 hours to question the students related to the long march in front of auditorium of Cenderawasih University.

The police deployed 200 personnel at two locations around the campus of Uncen in Abepura and Waena.
“Yesterday, they made an agreement not to conduct a long march. The protest would only be done in front of the auditorium of Uncen. We counted on their statement,” said the Chief.


But then they did a long march, police took action.
“What we did was appropriate accorcing to the procedure. We did not fire shots or chase the protestors, but only arrested Aparis Kapisa and his colleague for further investigation,” he said.

The protestors who saw their field coordinators taken into a police vehicle reacted by throwing stones at the officerd, forcing police to fire warning shots.
Papare said the stones hit residents around the area. It was not clear if anyone was injured.

The peaceful demonstration was conducted to support ‘behind the bars’ who arranged “demonstrations to call for the release of Papuan Political Prisoners in Indonesia”  on 2 April in five countries, i.e. England, Netherlands, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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