Bonny Mulait (left) and Engel Sorabut (right) - Jubi

Police Question Customary Activists over Pro-independence Office Launch

Bonny Mulait (left) and Engel Sorabut (right) - Jubi

Bonny Mulait (left) and Engel Sorabut (right) – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Three persons have been questioned by Jayawijaya Police over the opening of a local office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) on 15 February 2016 in Wamena.

The ULMWP office launch coincided with the office launch of the office of the Baliem Lapago Customary Council, sparking a controversy.

The three questioned were the chairman of the Baliem Lapago Office Launching Committee, Bonny Mulait, Engel Sorabut and Pieter Wanimbo.

Jayawijaya Police had summoned Pieter Wanimbo to be questioned on Saturday (20/2/2016), while Boni Mulait and Engel Sorabut were quizzed on Wednesday (24/2/2016) at Jayawijaya Police.


As Chairman of Office Baliem Lapago Launching Committee, Bonny Mulait told reporters at Customary Council Office on Wednesday (24/2/2016) explained the first summon has been filed on the last week end, but because he has not yet coordinated with his attorney, Mulait and Engel Sorabut submitted a letter to request delay on their examination.

“Therefore today I and Mr. Engel Sorabut came to the Police office and we were questioned as witnesses. The Police asked me 23 questions related to ULMWP,” said Boni Mulait.

He explained the Police asked about the activity done related to the launch of ULMWP Office as well as about the establishment of both customary council and ULMWP offices. “I explained the customary council office was built under support of customary people of Yalo, Hubula and Lani. When the construction was set up after five months and fourteen days in construction, we agree to launch it on 15 February 2016,” he said.

He admitted the Police also asked about the letters from the committee concerning about the development of customary council, about the agenda of office launch. “I said the agenda were including praying, reading the accountability report by Committee Chairman, and installation of the office signs of Customary Council and ULMWP,” said Bonny Mulait.

They also asked about the list of guests. “I said those who attended the event were the customary council chiefs and tribal chiefs. The point is there are 23 questions that I answered. The examination was started from 11:45 at noon to 15:00 in the afternoon at the Crime and Investigation Department of Jayawijaya Police. And there is no force in this investigation,” he said.

Engel Sorabut similarty said he asked the same questions. “I said those who attended the events are local people, Lapago customary council members, and apart of members were Markus Haluk and Edison,” he said. “I explain that in MSG, ULMWP has same position with Indonesia, that is the member of MSG. There are some questions that I answered all of it, and I told I don’t know if I really don’t know about it,” said Sorabut.

Meanwhile the attorney Anum Siregar accompanying two witnesses said witnesses would get support of 15 lawyers in this case and investigation. The first examination of two witnesses was accompanied by four lawyers.

“The lawyers are the coalition of NGOs including ALDP, LBH and so on. We will improve the team, but this is urgent because these witnesses were called after the second summon. They have told us about the first summon and requested us to give them company. So they must submit the letter to the Police but must be accompanied by a lawyer,” said Siregar.

“The lawyers team consisting of four that are Welis Doga from Wamena, Suhut Maduyanto and Yulius Lalaar from LBH and myself, Anum Siregar. We would see the progress of this case whether the three people would be called for further question or not. We still don’t know,” she added. (Islami/rom)

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