Police have pocketed name of rioters in Puncak Jaya


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Regional Police (Polda) has claimed the names of several suspected actors behind the riot between supporters of candidate pairs of regional election in Puncak Jaya (Puja), Papua, Saturday (July 29).

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal said after the rioting in Kampung Legimut District of Pagaleme, the police immediately conducted the crime scene (TPK), identified and examined or questioned a number of witnesses.

“The situation (in Puja) is conducive now. We identified each group that carried out the attack, there were alleged invitations from people who we had pocketed their name for conducted illegal action,” said Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal, Monday (July 31).

According to him a number of Papua Police officers went off to Puncak Jaya, such as Dir Intel Polda Papua, Kabidkum Polda Papua, Wakasat Brimob and members of Brimob.

“They were deployed to communicate with each party and the top officials and invite them to ask conflicting communities to stop the fighting,” he said.


He confirmed that some of the 12 victims of recent Puncak Jaya clash were hit by arrows has brought down to Jayapura for further treatment. It’s just that he did not know exactly the identity of the victims who were brought to Jayapura.

“Yes, there are about three or four people now being treated at Bhayangkara Hospital, Jayapura City, at first we thought it was impossible because there was no plane on Sunday, but they can managed to chartering the plane because the condition had to be handled immediately,” he said.

Seven victims who were hit by arrows in a riot between supporters of Puncak Jaya election candidates brought to Jayapura, Sunday (July 30). They were treated in Bhayangkara Hospital, Kotaraja, Jayapura City and Yowari Hospital, Jayapura Regency.

Puncak Jaya Police Chief, AKBP Indra Napitupulu confirmed that some of the victims were evacuated to Jayapura to get medical treatment.

According to him, those who were evacuated were Litu Wonda, Yater Wonda, Endinus Wonda, Yatu Wonda, Itinus Wonda, Endelis Wonda and Yenus Wonda.

“The security forces are still on guard so that there will be no conflict between supporters of the candidate’s pair,” Napitupulu said.

Election in Puncak Jaya was followed by three candidate pairs, they are Yustus Wonda-Kirenius Telenggen, Hanock Ibo-Rinus Telenggen and Yuni Wonda-Deinas Geley. (*)

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