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Police Officers to Stand Trial For Shooting

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Illustration – Suplied

Timika, Jubi – Three members of Mimika Baru police will stand trial for the shooting of a civilian in Pisang village, Gorong – Gorong, Timika.

Chief deputy of Mimika police, commissioner Wirasto Adi Nugroho in Timika, on Wednesday (4/11/2015), said files of Bripka N, H and Brigadier Brigadier IP are ready but a date for their trial had not been set.

“Actually, the dossiers are ready. We are still awaiting the arrival of Mimika police chief Yustanto Mudjihars who is on duty in Potowayburu. He wants to know the results first,” he said.

Another police member, Alfred Karafir has undergone proceedings ethical code because of assaulting a resident. He was sentenced to a delay of promotion for a period, delay school for one year and a period of detention for 21 days.


According to Wirasto, the three members are still undergoing criminal proceedings.

In the near future Mimika Police will send a bullet which was found on the victim’s body to test ballistic firearm used by the perpetrators. Ballistics tests will be conducted at the Forensic Police in Makassar.

“The process of hearing criminal and code of conduct and discipline are all the same process,” Wirasto explained.

Currently, the shooting victim, Elfando Sabarufek is in good condition after intensive care at Mimika hospital. The victim was shot in the left chest and his left groin. (*)

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