Police Not Transparant to Reveal the Burning Case of Sorong Mayor Office



Sorong, Jubi – The burning of the Mayor’s Office incident that occured on March 28, 2012 has not been revealed as if it is mysteriously disappeared without trace at all.

Husaini Efendy, a criminologist who met by Jubi, on last Sunday said the police must uncover to the the public whether it has no indication of intentional or not.
“Interestingly, chief of Sorong Police city has been changed four times leaders but no one has been able to deliver on the development of this investigation, “he said.

He considered that there was the ignorance at the time because of the 2012 Sorong Mayor election.
“This disclosure must be transparent and should not be covered. If there is a criminal then it must be investigated. However, if it is pure an accident, it should be transparent announced for the closure of this case,” he added.

He further said one of the media had published a statement of Sorong city police chief at the time about forensic lab results. Based on the results, it found there was allegedly contained kerosene in one of the rooms until the flames were able to widen, besides burning the mayor’s office.


Director of the Research Institute of Legal Aid (LP3BH), Yan Christian Warinussy when asked for his response said a process of inquiry and investigations must be conducted transparently through the process of presenting the case with the parties concerned both the Police, and the injured party in this case the government before continuing to the legal proceedings and courts.

“So far there is no perpetrators so that it is necessary for police officers presenting critical components that can be shown to what extent the process of investigation,” said Warinussy.

He further stated, a strong indication of the cause of this case can be revealed and become clear, so that if the case is accidental, will be revealed in of Inquiry. But if this is pure as an incident, Police has to close the case. “It is clear that these cases pure combustion and fire. Who is the culprit that needs to come first, “he concluded. (Niko MB/Tina)

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