Police Must Be Strengthened To Win Public Trust


Sorong, Jubi – As a law enforcement institution, the Police must be strengthened in order to get the people’s affection and trust, a police observer in West Papua province said.

“It needs to be strengthened, so in the future the public’s trust will be improved,” Yudi Simantuloi said.

He said police should not resort to violence so as to not damage the reputation to the institution.

Sorong Selatan Police Chief Commissionaire Madun Narwawan promised he would conduct organizational restructuration and strengthening at his office.
“I will restructure the organization to improve the officers’ performance and I will also work appropriately as expected,” he told Jubi after being inaugurated as Sorong Selatan Police Chief to replace the Adjunct Police Commissionaire Alexander Louw on Wednesday (7/10/2015).

According to him the reconciliation would be conducted in order to restructure the Police Institution in Sorong Selatan after the no-trusted motion expressed by the local police officers some times ago.
“The restructuration would be executed by building solidarity from internal institution and performing the role of law enforcement in Sorong Selatan.” he said. (Niko MB/rom)


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