Police was closed the gambling site (Jubi)


Police was closed the gambling site (Jubi)

Police was closed the gambling site (Jubi)

Jayapura, 2/7 (Jubi) – A Jayapura police officer died while trying to disperse a dice gambling  gathering at Youtefa market in Abepura district, Jayapura on Wednesday evening(2/7).

One of the eyewitnesses, Dullah told tabloidjubi.com  that two officers rode on a motorcycle to disperse the people who were playing dice, but the gamblers put up resistance, so the police chased them.
“They fought with the police and hit him with a rock in his head. I and my friend helped and chased the offenders. I myself had chased three people and had to cross the river, ” he explained.

When some residents helped the police, he saw some perpetrators who were chased by the police came from outside to inside Youtefa market. Seeing this, the people were dispersed any where and only a few residents tried to help the injured police.
“When the police would be taken to the Bhayangkara hospital, the group suddenly pelted the car. I also saw one person carrying weapons and then covered with jacket, only the tip of the gun was visible, “he said.

The second witness, a public transport driver, Herman also said that one policeman was seriously injured as a result of being stabbed and hit by a stone on the left head. “That was one member opposed to ten people, and then they took police’s weapon,” Emang said.


Meanwhile, the head of the Papua Police spokesman, Senior Commissioner (Pol) Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said that the incident occurred around 15:30 WP.
“Brigadier (Pol) Samson Huda injured, while Brigadier (Pol) Asriadi died,” Hartono said.

On arriving at the market, the victim was stabbed and the perpetrators seized SSI type of firearms
“Seeing the incident, Brigpol Samson Huda tried to help, but because of the number of them was more, so he also got stabbed,” he said.

The same thing is also said by Jayapura police chief, Assistant Commissioner (Pol) Alfred Papare. The incident began when members of Patmor (Motor Patrol) IV Youtefa at Youtefa market saw gambling site ‘Dice’ in one of public transport terminal spaces. Some time ago, On Sunday (29/6) around 30 people had been arrested for gambling ‘Dice’ . Three of them had been named as a suspect.

“When the perpetrators of gambling saw the police, then the perpetrator did resistance, persecution continued, until one of our members died. Victims of police two men, one in a state of the wounds, ” he added. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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