KNPB held protest in Timika - Suplied

Police Have Arrested 479 Papuan Activists Since Late April

KNPB held protest in Timika - Suplied

KNPB held protest in Timika – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Committee said that 479 pro- independence activists and the group’s supporters had been arrested in the past two months.

From 30 April to 01 June, police have arrested protesters expressing support for ULMWP and West Papua campaign of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), KNPB said in a statement to Jubi, Monday (8/6/2015).

Police arrested 12 people in Manokwari on 30 April and 205 people on 1 May. Around the same time 15 people were arrested in Merauke, 30 in Jayapura and 2 pin Kaimana. On 20 May, the police arrested 75 people in Manokwari, 3 people in Biak and 6 people in Sentani. On the following day, they arrest 27 people in Biak and 1 people in Manado. Thus, during the time, they have arrested 129 activists.

On 28 May, the Police continued to arrest 52 people in Jayapura, 6 people in Nabire, 25 people in Wamena and 2 people in Yahukimo. Total activists arrested in that day were 85 people. And the last, on 1 June 2015, the Police arrested 1 activist.


Of 479 people arrested, 4 activists in Manokwari and 3 activists in Biak have been detained and charged with incitement.

The KNPB report was issued on 3 June 2015 in Jayapura.
Meanwhile, the Papuaitukita Movement in Jakarta issued the release on the arrests of 444 Papuans in May 2015 during the protest. They reported during 1 – 10 May 2015, 269 people were arrested in Manokwari in peace demonstration while 30 were arrested in Jayapura, 15 were arrested during the preparation of protest and 2 were arrested in the demonstration in Merauke, while 3 Papuan students were arrested during the protest in Surabaya.

During the period of 11 – 20 May 2015, 12 people were arrested in peace demonstration to reject PT PPM on 16 May 2015, and 75 people were arrested before the demonstration and 2 were arrested in Biak when intended to send a letter of announcement to the Police Office while 6 were arrested in Sentani while distributing leaflets.

Between 21 – 31 May 2015, 17 people were arrested in Biak when being assembled to prepare peace demonstration. 27 people were arrested in Jayapura before peace demonstration and 1 was arrested in Manado.

Earlier, the Papua Police said the police would not compromise with any kind of KNPB activities. “The Police would not comprise any kind of KNPB activities, especially in Jayawijaya Regency and its surrounding areas. The readiness indicates our concern in personnel assignment to follow up their plan of demonstration on 28 May 2015. Jayawijaya Police would not compromise any kind of their activities including the advanced demonstration,” Jayawijaya Police Chief Semmy Ronny TH Abaa said at that time.

Meanwhile the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Jotje Mende earlier proposed KNPB dissolution, and relayed to the Commission III of Indonesian Representative House some time ago. (Arnold Belau/Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

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