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Police Foil Endangered Species Smuggling at Elikobel

Pig-nosed turtles - batamtoday.com

Pig-nosed turtles – batamtoday.com

Merauke, Jubi – Indonesian Military/Police in Elikobel Sub-district, Merauke Regency havde foiled an attempt to smuggle hundreds of protected animals including pig-nosed turtles and arowana fishes.

Battalion Infantry 301/PKS Unit Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Mahfud As’at told Jubi on Wednesday (2/12/2015) they found 250 pig-nosed turtles, 200 small arowanas, and 500 packs of firecrackers and 136 liters of liquor. “We foiled the animal shipping in security forces joint operation several days ago. Dozens of personnel led by Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Rifki were involved in this operation,” he said.

He said they seized the animals and liquors from riders and drivers who crossed the street. Now the animals were secured at Elikobel Police Station to be release in wildlife, while liquors and firecrackers will be destroyed. “We will continue working in joint operation to anticipate any smuggling activities by irresponsible person,” he said.

The Military District Commander 174/ATW, Brigadier General Supartodi admitted if border area is also exposure with smuggling. Therefore the Indonesian soldiers in border area kept being instructed to do operation regularly.


“Also the liquors are subjected to be frequently smuggled and easy to obtain. You, reporters, can see the destroyed stuffs were seized from the border area,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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