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Student Solidarity for Veronica Koman in Jayapura City forcibly dispersed by the Police (Jubi/IST)

Police disperse student fundraising for Veronica Koman


Jayapura, Jubi – Abepura Sector Police of Jayapura Municipality dispersed fundraising activity by Papuan Student Solidarity for Veronica Koman in Jayapura City this month.

“The Police forcibly dispersed us,” said Yops Itlay, fundraising partisan.

According to Itlay, the Police discharged the fundraising activities held by students at Abepura and Kamkey-Tanah Hitam traffic lights without explanation. Instead, they disregarded the letter of notification sent by students informing the event.

“They did not tell us anything when we asked the reason. We said that we already sent the letter to Abepura Sector Police, they said we should send it to the Municipal Police instead. We think it is only their alibi given that we could organise a similar event without prior notification,” he said.

Markus Haluk, the Chairman of Coordination Office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to comment, told Jubi that the Indonesian Government and Police had lost their arguments in facing the humanitarian solidarity for Papua.


“Indonesia has lost its common sense, and the security forces continue to be repressive in Papua,” Haluk told Jubi.

As such, according to him, Papuan people cannot continuously be obedience, silence and accept the act of the State that keeps oppressing freedom and humanity. Papuan people must be aware, united, and resistance to save themselves and declare solidarity for Veronica Koman.

The video sent to Jubi news-editorial showed the Abepura Sector Police Chief Clief Gerald Philipus Duwith led the discharge of solidarity campaign. The video also showed that an officer wearing plain clothes took a donation box and torn it apart.

Regarding this action, Jubi had contacted Jayapura Municipal Police for confirmation. However, the Jayapura Municipal Police Chief Gustav Urbinas did not respond to the message sent by Jubi through on WhatsApp messenger although he read it.

In a similar occasion in Nabire, the Police also dismissed the donation post. Emil E. Wakei, the Chairman of Donation Post for Veronica Koman in Nabire Papua, told the Nabire Police forcibly dispersed the donation post located in Soccer Field of Nabire Barat Sub-district.

Wakei said the solidarity campaign for Veronika Koman aims to help Veronica Koman to refund Rp 773 million as requested by the Indonesian Government.

“Veronica is known as a human right lawyer who defends Papuan people. It is a purely humanitarian act of Papuan people in Nabire to voluntary collect donation to help Veronica Koman,” he told Jubi.

Wakey further said the Ebamukai Solidarity Post established by the solidarity team since 14 August to 18 August 2020 had been forcibly dispersed by the Nabire Police at 1.30 pm local time.

“Nabire Solidarity team was able to collect Rp 4,200,000 to help Veronica Koman. We will transfer the donation via Bank Panin Jayapura to Perkumpulan Jubi,” he said.

Furthermore, Wakey said the Ebamukai Solidarity Team would continue to open the donation post but in a different location.

“We Papuan people only want to ease the burden of our beloved sister Veronica Koman. She has sacrificed her life as a human right lawyer to defend the rights of Indonesian and Papuan people. Therefore, our struggle has not been over yet. We will continue to do fundraising till the death,” he said.

In the meantime, the Spokesperson of Central West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Kobabe Wanimbo said KNPB endorses all kind of supports provided by Papuan people.

“We support Papuan people to return the Indonesian Government’s money as it used to finance the study of Veronica Koman,” he said. (*)

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