Pangrasia Yem (right) - Jubi

Police Disperse Activists at KNPB Merauke Office

Pangrasia Yem (right) - Jubi

Pangrasia Yem (right) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – At around 11:50 Papua time, police disbanded a gathering of activists at the secretariat of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and Regional People Parliament (PRD) in Merauke, an activist said.

“That’s right, the Operation Unit Chief and dozens officers came to the secretariat and forced those who were in the secretariat to go,” PRD Chairman for Merauke Region, Pankrasia Yem told Jubi by phone from Merauke on Saturday (16/5/2015).

He explained two Military Special Forces members passed by the secretariat before the police came to take some pictures of motorbikes that were parked in front of the secretariat.

About thirty minutes later, the police came.
“The Police came at the time when we want to hold a meeting to discuss about the preparation of a national demonstration on 21 May in Merauke. They came and dispersed us. They said KNPB was not allowed to hold any activities, even if it was only a gathering,” Yem cited the police.


He also said the police entered their secretariat and took some their belongings, including clothes, bags, flask disks, old banners, camera and handycam.

Related to this incident, the Central KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo said despite to prohibition and dispersion of KNPB activities, Indonesia must change the article of freedom of expression in public of its Constitution. “The police could stop our entire activities if that article was removed. We have a right to express and voice our aspiration in public because the Constitution 1945 guaranteed it,” Logo firmly said.

He further asked the Operation Unit Chief of Merauke Police doesn’t misinterpret the Constitution 1945. He affirmed the Indonesian Constitution guarantees KNPB activities while the chief did violation on it. “We hope the police could immediately stop this old-fashioned acts. The Central KNPB urged the Merauke Police to stop this boring act,” said Logo. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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