Alcoholic drinks and marijuana (Jubi)

Police Destroyed Tons of Alcoholic Drinks and Dozens Packages of Marijuana

Alcoholic drinks and marijuana (Jubi)

Alcoholic drinks and marijuana (Jubi)

Jayapura, 1/2 (Jubi) – Police Office for Seaport Sector (KPL) Jayapura destroyed a ton of illegal alcohol drinks and dozens package of dried marijuana, this morning, Saturday (1/2).

The evidence of alcohol drink and dried marijuana leaves are the result of regular operation in 2013, last year. Deputy Chief of Police Office Jayapura Kota, Kompol Kiki Kurnia, confirmed the alcohol drinks illegally brought to the seaport Jayapura by the ship’s passengers. The number is 1,248 liters consisting of 906 liters CT (Cap Tikus) and 269 liters “sopi” (traditional alcohol drink), 10 bottles Chivas, 24 bottles Vodca and 37 packets of marijuana ready to sell. We have destroyed all this morning,” Kiki said, Saturday (1/2).
According to Kiki, in the future, the police will conduct on-site destruction of evidence, while evidence of dried marijuana leaves will be stored as evidence in court.
“If caught in the act with the illegal alcohol drink, we will destroy it in the scene, as it is often the loss of evidence because of the officers’ negligence. Thus, the only way we do is destroy the evidence in the scene,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Rev. Ed Fonataba, one of the religious leaders while attending the destruction of the alcohol drink and dried marijuana leaves gives his appreciation to the police in terms of minimizing the entry of illegal goods into Kota Jayapura.
“The police work in the seaport area was incredible. They caught the illegal goods that come and go to Kota Jayapura. We support the destruction of illegal goods,” he sad in the Seaport Police Headquarter, Saturday (1/2).
Police Chief of KPL Jayapura, AKP Arnold Tata with Chief of Crime Unit, Ipda Piet Hein, said his party has established the patrol station in KPL jurisdiction. “I have target in Weref, Patung, Jalan Pipa and Kampung Vietnam. We built the patrol station there to anticipate the dried marijuana entry from Papua New Guinea through Kampung Vietnam or RT 02 Weref,” Arnold said, Saturday (1/2).
Attended at the destruction of evidence are including the women leaders, religious leaders, community leaders and youth leaders as well as the Branch Chairman of Bhayangkari KPL Jayapura. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier)

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