Police Chief Accuses Yambi Armed Group of Attack in Mulia



Jayapura, Jubi / Antara – Papua Police chief Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende accused rebels from the Yambi group of being behind the shooting of six civilians in Mulia, Puncak Jaya, on Tuesday (26/5) at around 23:00.

“It was the Yambi armed group which is also known as Tenggang Mati,” Mende said in Jayapura this week.

He said the attack was beyond the limits of humanity so the police and the military will conduct a search to catch the perpetrators.
“For the time being, there is no need to send reinforcements because security forces will back Papua Police Mobile Brigade,” he added.

Yambi armed groups fired the civilians home in Usir village, Mulia. And it was allegedly carried out by five people who carried firearms of various types. As a result, six people were shot, one of them died instantly. The fifth victim of gunshot wounds, three of which are now being treated in public hospital in Dok 2, Jayapura.


The incident took place at the back of the office building at Kampung Baru Kodim Pagaleme, Mulia, Puncak Jaya.

A victim, Pengga Enumbi died with a gunshot wound on the head behind the forehead translucent. While the injuries, Yulianus Tandidatu, got shot on upper part of the left arm and left hand down, and Suryanto Tandi injured on the left waist.

While Yogi Rera injured on the left shoulder, Alfer Tandi was on the upper right hand and Marten Tandi wounded on the back right. (*/ Tina)

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