Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri when handing over certificates, books and noken to eight figures. - Jubi/Alex

Police attempts to reduce violence, Papua Police says


Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Police has claimed to continue to reduce violence in Papua. Together with the local government, the police wants welfare for the community, said Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Mathius D Fakhiri in a discussion about policing which took place in Jayapura City on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

In an attempt to maintain security and order, Fakhiri said, the Papua Police held two special operations called the Cartenz Peace Operation (25 January – 25 June 2022) and Rastra Samara Kasih or Rasaka Cartenz 2022, which would start in early March 2022 until the end of this year.

The Cartenz Peace Operation was previously called the Nemangkawi Operation. Meanwhile, the name Rastra Samara Kasih Cartenz came from Sanskrit, wherein “Rastra” means nation, “Samara” is guardian, and “Kasih” means belonging and loving.

“Philosophically, Rastra Samara Kasih Cartenz is protecting the nation in Papua with love. As written in the Bible, John 15:12, ‘This is my commandment, Love each other in the same way I have loved you,'” he said.

He believes that the consistency of the humanitarian approach in Papua is the best instrument to transform conflicts and problems into an effort to build peace in the long term.


“The National Police have long attempted to contribute to the welfare, education, and health of the Papuan people through the Noken Community Building concept,” he said. Ever since he was entrusted with serving as Papua Police chief, Fakhiri said he had tried to adopt the best practice in addressing the culture that grew from the Papuan people.

He further thought that now was no longer the era for the police to play a role in front. “The police will be behind, ready to encourage and support local governments to build and prosper the community,” he said.

“We have realized this through the Cartenz Peace Operation, the Rasta Samara Kasih Cartenz Operation, and the Noken Community Building which came with various activities in the middle of the community,” he concluded. (*)

Reporter: Alexander Loen
Editor: Aryo Wisanggeni G

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