A Protest held by KNPB - facebook

Police Arrest 84 Activists in Arbitrary Move, KNPB Says

Protest held by KNPB today - facebook

Protest held by KNPB today – facebook

Jayapura, Jubi – Indonesian Police have arrested and mistreated activists of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in several locations while they were distributing leaflets calling for action, the organization said.

KNPB said police arbitrarily arrested its activists and other Papuans in Sentani, Biak and Manokwari.
“The police arrested 75 activists in Manokwari during the peace demonstration to support the ULMWP representing West Papua to MSG. The police dispersed the demonstration and detained 75 activists in Mobile Brigade Headquarters of West Papua Province.

Meanwhile, PRD Biak Chairman Mananwir Apolos Sroyer and KNPB Biak Chairman Yulianus Mandowen and NFRPB Coordinator Dorteus Bonsapia have been summoned for questioning and were later detained.

Then, six activists were arrested in Sentani while distributing leaflets to call for national action on 21 May 2015,” the Secretary General of Central KNPB, Ones Suhun told Jubi on Wednesday (20/5/2015) in Jayapura.


He said although the police have arrested their members, KNPB would go ahead with the peace demonstration .
“As Central KNPB Board, we advised the Papua Police and West Papua Police to empty the entire jails in both provinces because KNPB activist are ready to occupy. Go ahead arrest us and put us behind bars because for KNPB the prison and jail is a palace,” said Suhun.

Meanwhile, the Central KNPB Spokesperson, Bazoka Logo when being confirmed about the arrest, he said it was a common thing. These arrests indicated Papuans are not Indonesian citizens. “With such actions by the police, the people of Papua, Indonesian and the world must open their eyes and see the Indonesian treatment towards Papuans. These treatments openly stated Papua is not part of Indonesia. Therefore Papuans should be aware and united in national demonstration to support ULMWP’s membership in MSG,” said Logo.

Based on the information received by Jubi, the Biak Police called three activists for unknown reason, and now they are still detained at the police’s custody. Meanwhile those who arrested in Sentani while distributing leaflets are Edo Pahabol (15), Yunani Balyo (25), Maris Tabuni (21), Ade Paragaye (18), Jasa Balyo (26) and Edoson Yare (23). These six activists were reportedly detained at the Doyo Police’s Custody, while 75 activists are currently detained at the Mobile Brigade Headquarter of West Papua in Manokwari. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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