Police arrested those who protested in Jayapura (Jubi/Dok. KNPB)

Police Arrest 66 KNPB Activists Demanding Release of French Journalists

Police arrested those who protested in Jayapura (Jubi/Dok. KNPB)

Police arrested those who protested in Jayapura (Jubi/Dok. KNPB)

Abepura, Jubi – Rallies demanding the release of two French journalists were held simultaneously in several places on Monday (13/10) by activists, prompting police to detain some of the protestors.

The General Secretary of Central KNPB (West Papua National Committee), Ones Suhuniap said they manage to organize rallies in Jayapura, Mimika, Merauke, Fakfak, Kaimana, Yahukimo, Nabire and Manokwari. According to him, some of their action was running smooth and sound in some locations, such as in Mimika where thousands of people came down to the street. But, further he said, their actions in Jayapura, Merauke, Fakfak, Kaimana and Manokwari were ended with disband and arrest.

The Chairman of Political Education of KNPB, Tonny Kobak said in Jayapura City that the Jayapura City Police who guarded during the protest has arrested 17 KNPB activists. They arrested those activists when they held a silence protest in Taman Imbi located in the middle of Jayapura City.
“The police arrested them. When they arrived and got down of the car, they got arrested,” said Kobak to Jubi in Jayapura on Monday. Those who arrested in Jayapura City are Elieser Anggaingom, Agust Kossay, Bazoka Logo, Regi Wenda, Ribka Komba, Jimy Baroay, Marice Mambrasar, Lazkar Zama, Isak Silak, Petrus Petege, Palina Pakage, Marten Suhun, Manu Moi, David Walilo, Teren Surabut, Wilem Wandik, and Tinus Heluka.

Meanwhile, Ones Suhuniap said the police arrested 46 activists in Merauke. The detention was occurred in two stages. At first, the police arrested those who protested in front of the Pepera Monument, and the second one was happened in the KNPB Secretariat and in the Regional People Parliament (PRD) office.
“20 activists were arrested at KNPB secretariat, while the rest 29 were arrested at PRD office,” he said.


Further, Suhuniap said the police has blockaded and disbanded some actions in Fakfak, Kaimana and Manokwari while the actions in Yahukimo, Nabire and Mimika were running smoothly without detention or disband. According to him, the arrest and disband towards the KNPB activist proved the Indonesian Government to silence the freedom of expression in Papua.
“The police has totally surpressed the freedom of expression,” he firmly said. (Mawel Benny/rom)

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