the Baliem Customary Council chief, Lemok Mabel (Doc. Jubi)

Police Agreement Pretext for Arbitrary Arrests

the Baliem Customary Council chief, Lemok Mabel (Doc. Jubi)

the Baliem Customary Council chief, Lemok Mabel (Doc. Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Baliem Customary Council said it considered an agreement between the Police and the community of Lanny Jaya as a pretext to  arrest people arbitarily.

The agreement states that if the armed group commits untowards acts in Lanny Jaya, the community will resist them, but if the people are unable to do so, the army and police will take action.

“It is a kind of a pretext to arrest people randomly, including human right activists or even journalists. That statement only is only for their own interests. The Papua Police is a respected institution, so, we must find another solution,” the Baliem Customary Council chief, Lemok Mabel, told Jubi on Wednesday (8/10).

He said he was not aware of the meeting between the police and the community of Lanny Jaya that was held recently.
“If the meeting was real, then we from the Baliem Customary Council should be involved. So I think it was a lie,” he said.


He said if it was only the local government involved in the meeting, the agreement is considered invalid.
“It’s not for one or two people, but it applies to the community of Lanny Jaya and its surrounding areas. The statement is superficial,” he said.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that the community of Lanny Jaya made a pledge to protect their area from the armed group in response to a recent shooting incident.

Pledge allegedly involved community leaders, religious leaders, women, youth and customary leaders, legislators, government officials, intellectual figures, sub-district and village chiefs and military and police officers.

Lanny Jaya Regent Befa Yigibalom told reporters that the pledge represented the entire community.
“People should live in peace and safety, and struggle for their better lives day by day. We believe that people will realize their commitment, because security is their responsibility too,” the regent said.

He said all village chiefs should be proactive in informing security personnel and sub-district officials in the event of a security problem. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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