Police Accused of Stealing Money During Operation in Yahukimo


Jayapura, Jubi – Police have been accused of stealing money belonging to residents who live around the secretariat of Yahukimo KNPB (West Papua National Committee) during a raid on the group’s headquarters in Dekai, Yahukimo Regency.

KNPB Spokesperson Bazoka Logo told reporters in Abepura that the Papua Mobile Brigade under the command of Yahukimo Police Chief Adjunct Police Commissionaire Ade Djaja Subagja raided the KNPB secretariat. Residential houses near the secretariat were also ransacked and damaged.
“In this operation, the officers also seized people’s money. Haluwon Sub-district Chief Bernard Yahuli lost 30 million while 20 million rupiah was seized from an elementary teachers. Those officers also destructed the people’s houses.

Meanwhile, Yahukimo Regional People Parliament (PRD) Chairman Aminus Balingga texted Jubi from Yahukimo the Mobile Brigade and local police officers in doing a searching and raiding robbed and destructed people’s belongings.

“During the operation, the police stole people’s money. They took 30 millions rupiahs from Bernard Yahuli, 18 million rupiahs from Seri Selak, 7 million rupiahs from Obet Sobolim, 3 million rupiahs from Tius Balingga, and 1,8 million rupiahs from Jekson Silak. Those officers also seized three motorcycles and destructed 14 houses where located near the KNPB secretariat. Further a car was badly damaged. They even destroyed people’s television,” he said.

Related to the police’s act, the Central KNPB and Yahukimo PRD asked the Papua Police for taking responsibility on this incident. KNPB also asked the Papua Legislative Council and Human Right Commission to form an investigation team. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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