Person Reported to Police For Insulting Merauke School


Merauke, Jubi – A man named Arfah Atma Jaya has been reported to police for allegedly insulting  Senior High School SMAN I Merauke on Facebook.

Merauke Police chief Assistant Commissioner Sri Satyatama said Wednesday (1/21) she had summoned the principal of SMAN I Merauke, Nidia Risnayanti to ask further questions to confirm the allegations of insults.

The insulting comments were also directed to SMA II Merauke.

“There are some insulting sentences that are unethical,” the police chief said.

Furthermore, chief said based on the report given by the informant, since the beginning of January, she did not play facebook but gave a password and email address to the perpetrators.

Separately, Head of Police Public Relations, Inspector Richard Nainggolan confirmed there have been reports and be followed up by interrogating the complainant as well as several other witnesses,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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