A match between Persipura FC & Persela FC (Jubi)

Persipura’s management denied that they discriminated against the local media

A match between Persipura FC & Persela FC (Jubi)

A match between Persipura FC & Persela FC (Jubi)

Jayapura, 5/2 ( Jubi ) –  Persipura’s management denied that it discriminated against the local media during the Indonesian Super League inaugural match between Persipura Jayapura and Persela Lamongan, a club spokesman said, only broadcasters that have broadcasting rights could cover the match under an agreement signed five years ago and there was little the management could do to reverse that, Persipura media officer  Rocky Bebena said on Wednesday (2/5). 

“It has become a standard business practice in a professional competition,” he said to tabloidjubi.com, Wednesday (2/5).
He said  a Persipura match is no longer considered a regular game and for every game in the ISL competition, the club receives Rp 20 million for a day fixture and Rp 30 million for a  night match.
“It has been a business of PT Liga Indonesia with all clubs participating in the competition,” he said.
At a meeting of participating clubs’ managers in Surabaya some time ago, it was decided MNC TV and BC Sport own the broadcasting rights because the bought them in 2013 .
ANTV and TV were involved because they were the first broadcasters to own the rights to broadcast Liga Indonesia.
“They took all the broadcasting rights. ANTV is involved in preparing crews on the ground, while BC Sport’s broadcast is provided by MNC TV,“ saidRocky.
A national TV contributor, Albert, criticized the ban. He said a loophole in the regulation allows cameramen to take footage from behind the goals but this too was not allowed by the management.
 “Yes, I will do everything I can to take footage. If I’m still not allowed, I will tell our my employer,” he said.
(Jubi /Sindung /Frans)

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