Daniel Tata (second from right), Persipura's young defender (Jubi)


Daniel Tata (second from right), Persipura's young defender (Jubi)

Daniel Tata (second from right), Persipura’s young defender (Jubi)

Jayapura, 19/3 (Jubi) – Ronny Beroperay  filled the shoes of Ruben Sanadi who was injured after the game against Persiba Balikpapan during the match against Churchill Brothers and Daniel Tata became a starter in the absence of  Dominggus Fakdawer. Both players proved they are worthy substitutes.

“Everyone has the same opportunity but only those who are well prepared will play,” said Persipura coach Jacksen F Tiago after his team beat New Radiant of Maldives on Tuesday (18/3).

Playing their first game in the AFC Cup, Tata and Beroperay did not disappoint Tiago or the fans. They have shown to the Persipuramaniacs that they deserved to don the Black Pearls’ jersey.

In the match Persipura against Churchill Brothers, Beroperay fed a cross to Ferinando Pahabol that resulted in a goal, contributing to the 2-0. His performance was a relief  for the coach as Persipura has enough defenders to play either in the competition of ISL or AFC.


Tata showed his skills as left wing defender,  performing tactically during the entire game. His performance when playing  New Radiant on Tuesday (18/3) as a center-back playmaker to work side by side with Bio Pauline and Ruben Sanadi was perfect while Fakdawer made two mistakes in the game against Churchill Brother.

The performance of Persipura’s defenders also positively affected its middle line players in particular when they played against New Radiant. Imanuel Wanggai as a quarterback was able to show his good skills and produced two goals to show his improvement.

His appearance to replace Zah Rahan in the middle line along with Tata, and Fakdawer and Beroperay in the back replacing Dutra was a good step made by Persipura this season. It means the Black Pearls are gradually succeeding to shake off the shadows of Zah Rahan and Dutra. (Jubi/dominggus a mampioper/rom)

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