Jack Komboy, former Persipura's defender (IST)


Jack Komboy, former Persipura's defender (IST)

Jack Komboy, former Persipura’s defender (IST)

Jayapura, 26/5 (Jubi) – Persipura’s defence remains a weak link even though defenders Johanes Tjoe and Bio Pauline are a good pair, a former player said.

Persipura still need a defender with at least has equal skills to former defenders Dutra and Ricardo Salampessy because high passes and mistakes could be result a free kick or even a penalty, Marthin Rumere, a former midfielder of Mandala Jaya Club of Persipura’s Premiere Division told tabloidjubi.com after watching the match between Persipura against Persebaya at Budi Utomo Stadium live on TV in Jayapura on Monday (25/5).
“Though Persipura currently has many defenders such as Daniel Tata, Dominggus Fakdawer, Andri Ibo, but it’s sure Jacksen will pair Johanes Tjoe with Bio Pauline because they match and rarely make mistakes,” he said.

However, he added, Tjoe appeared to have trouble marking  Persebaya striker Greg Nkwolo who has speed and good at upper ball duels.
“It means facing a speedy and taller striker could be Tjoe’s weakness,” he said.

The similar said by the former midfielder of PSBS Biak from the eighties era Josef Sroyer. He said the Persipura’s players are overall good. “However, it needs some players in the back line to guard the position of Pauline and Tjoe,” he said appointing that until now only Ronny Beroperay and Ruben Sanadi did it.


He further said Johanes Tjoe is increasingly mature since the first time he joined the team. If at the last season he was a substitute because of it was Dutra and Salampessy, but in this season the two players joined the other team so it gave him the open opportunity. He’s only in difficulties to handle the tall player for the upper ball duel.

Jacksen F Tiago also aware about this weakness, but he considered him having a speed and always right to win the ball when it comes to his area. (Jubi/dominggus a mampioper/rom)

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