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Persipura Let Down by Their Own Country in AFC 2015

Ilustration - Jubi

Ilustration – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Persipura Jayapura might have defeated clubs from India, Maldives and Singapore but they had to give up on hopes of clinching the AFC Cup title because of the dispute between the PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) and the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, resulting in a ban on Indonesia by FIFA.

“Persipura played representing the country and defeated other football clubs from India, Maldives to Singapore but was let down by our nation,” said a member of Commission X at the House of Representatives, Abdul Aziz, quoting a Persipura supporter, during a television talkshow in Jakarta, last week.

Meanwhile, Persipura’s striker Ferinando Pahabol who resigned from national team U-23 said on his twitter account @Ferry_pahabol17,”We can defeat other countries, but we are defeated by our nation”.

Another player, Nelson Alom, said on his twitter @Alom_12 said, “Our target is to be AFC 2015 Champion, but our Sport Minister stopped us in the last 16”.


While Ricardo @ricardo4s said,” So sad for my Perspipura, not for others,” and Persipura’s foreign player from Argentina, Robertino Pugliara said on his twitter @Robertino_RP10,” So disappointed to get out from AFC without losing,”.

Some national media also reported that Persipura’s supporters came to the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affair Office in Jakarta but the minister was not there and keep in his decision to not revoke the freezing of PSSI to cause a penalty from FIFA.

The General Chairman of PSSI, Nyala Mataliti from Zurich, Switzerland, apologize to the Indonesian people and Persipura over the penalty from FIFA for unspecified time that only the national football team for Sea Games 2015 is allowed to play while the foreign and national players are allowed to play until the end of their contract.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Imam Nahrawi said he is responsible for sanction without apologizing to Indonesian people as well as Persipura who ultimately failed to play in AFC 2015 against Pahang FC at Mandala Stadium on Tuesday (26/5/2015).

The Indonesian Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs responded the penalty of suspension from FIFA as per 30 May 2015. On the other hand, FIFA considered the sanction should be gave to PSSI due to government’s intervention because it’s against the Article 13 and 17 of the FIFA Statutes.

Meanwhile the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs considered there are some peculiarities related to the letter’s contents. “Besides some discrepancies of contents, there is also some clumsiness of grammatical aspect. It is about the credibility of FIFA in making the crucial decision over one of its federation members,” as published on their official website.

Additionally, the sport ministry also stated to be responsible with this situation and asked both national and foreign players for not to be worried, because the government is committed to rerun the football competition in proper standard and better quality.
“We shouldn’t excessively mourn over this penalty. Indeed we were in difficult choice because we should be concerned to not able watching our national team and football clubs competing in international event, except for Sea Games 2015 in Singapore next week,” he said.

Meanwhile, the President Jokowi said both president and deputy want to reform the PSSI. He thought the achievement of Indonesian football for ten years is not satisfactory. It was marked by the failure of Indonesian team in all international tournaments. Based on FIFA, Indonesia was on the rank 161 in 2013 and now on the rank of 159.

“Full reform means reformation of all aspects, including organization, system and management but I think the players are already good. So, reform is needed for management level,” said Jokowi. He added the government and PSSI should work together and not intervene each other. “We want our football has better improvement,” he said.

Earlier, the Vice President Jusuf Kalla thought as sport association, PSSI shouldn’t be freeze but the reform should be made over its board or dealing with the problems. He made example on FIFA that keep running in spite of the fact the FBI has arrested six FIFA officials for alleged corruption case.

Further, FIFA’s penalty clearly caused difficulties for the clubs to get sponsorship. One of Persipura’s sponspors, Bank Papua has decided to over their sponsorship while PT. Freeport is still respecting the contract and will further discuss with Persipura.

Papuan legislator Johni Banua said the clubs will be difficult to get sponsorship, because the competition has been not running and Indonesia got penalty. “I think it’s difficult for any companies to give sponsorship to football clubs due to the sanction of FIFA,” he said.

Meanwhile, former Persipura player Nico Dimo said during the time Persipura has always been a bumper for PSSI. “On the contrary, when Persipura played against Persib Bandung at Jakabaring Stadium in the ISL Final 2014, it was clearly Persib defender did violation on Ian Luiz Kabez but referee didn’t gave him a card,” he said. He further said when Persipura played against Sriwijaya FC in Indonesia Cup, Persipura was once again cheated by the referee who not remain neutral and taken sides to the host players.

The incident of Indonesia Cup on 28 June 2009 at Jakabaring Stadium against Sriwijaya FC caused the former Persipura General Chairman, MR Kambu instructed all players to be out from the field and gave the title of champion to the host Sriwijaya FC. (Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

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