Persipura FC (Jubi)


Persipura FC (Jubi)

Persipura FC (Jubi)

Jayapura , 22/5 ( Jubi ) – Persipura beat Persiba Balikpapan  2-0 on Thursday ( 22/5), propelling them to the top of the Indonesian Super League.

Persipura started to press opponents since the early minutes. Persiba Bantul stayed afloat and wait for counterattacks . However , in the sixth minute, the young striker Ricky Kayame was able to take advantage of a pass by Ian Kabes Luiz.

Persiba tried to balance the game by relying on passes by striker Emili Mba – Mba.

The host did not stay silent, it continued to press back line and Ball blunder were welcomed by Ricky Kajame and then passed the ball to a free-standing Boaz unmarked to score the second goal at tenth minutes.


Until the first half ended 2-0, the position remained unchanged . Entering the second half, Persiba began to increase their play, still it is stopped by Johanes Tjoe and Bio Pauline Tjo Bio Pauline.

At the 16th minute, Bochi was able to kick at goal Bantul , only the goalkeeper was able to save it.

In the 50th minute, Nelson Alom shot from outside the line 16 and Goalkeeper could not catch the ball. In the 59th minute, Kayame surprised the visitors but he was not able to deceive the goalkeeper.

Relying on quick counter-attack,  in the 75th minute, Emilie – Mba- Mba almost made goal, yet Joo Jae Hoon was able to save.

Sajuri Shahid ‘s team threatened Persipura defense several times. Some opportunities were from Ezequiel Gonzalez , Emile Mba- mba , and M. Aulia , Still Yoo Jae Hoon was capable of counteracting and saves from goal. This result places Peripura to the top of ISL after shifting Mitra Kukar. (Jubi/Roberth Wanggai/ Tina)

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