Persela Lamongan FC in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura (Jubi)


Persela Lamongan FC in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura (Jubi)

Persela Lamongan FC in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura , 31/1 ( Jubi ) –  Persela Lamongan spreads ‘ threat statements ‘ to the defending champion, Persipura before the opening Indonesia Super League ( ISL ) competition this season at Mandala Stadium on Saturday ( 1/2 ). As a visiting team, it does not necessarily make ‘ Joko Tingkir Warriors ‘ despair. Team coach Eduard Tjong was precisely determined to become the first team to steal points at host of ‘ Black Pearl ‘ .

” Our visit to Jayapura was a little challenging because we just arrived this morning. But before we left, I have talked to the players that tiredness on the plane would not be a reason for tomorrow’s game. Our target would gain points . All teams has to beat the defending champion Persipura. However, we have to work hard .” said Eduard Tjong , Friday ( 31/1 ) .
The fact, Gustavo Lopez left Persela this season makes a little “limp “. But for Tjong, it does not matter . The presence of a new player from Montenegro , Srdjan Lopicic considered be able to meet the gap left by Lopez .
” We lost Gustavo Lopes , but we have Lopicic . So there are pluses and minuses . Gostavo, when he got the ball, it becomes dangerous ball yet he is lacking in defense. Lopicic shares the ball is not as good as Gustavo but he is good at defense.” he said .
In this opening game, he instructed all players to be alert of the host . Although the composition of the Persipura players this season changed but Ian Kabes and his friends are still dangerous .
” We have to work hard to achieve maximum results. Persipura style would not be much different from last season. Persipura is a team with a very good team work . Their appearance at the IIC was not our measure . Even though Boaz is absent, they still have other dangerous players like Tibo or Edy Boakai Foday . So our team must be watchful.” he said .
Persela’s mission is stealing points and breaking a myth that Persipura never be defeated at Mandala Stadium at the beginning of the season does not make Persipura afraid. Persipura coach , Jacksen F Tiago has prepared his troops in advance .
” We are ready for tomorrow’s game. We have just came back after 10 days training in Batu Malang to prepare the team especially tactically and physically . We did three trials with a team that is not even on my level but the players showed their significant improvement. “said Jacksen F Tiago .
According to him, the absence of a goal machine of Persipura , Boaz Solossa due to injury , will not affect the power break ‘ Black Pearl ‘ on the front lines . Still there are other players who can fill the position of captain.
” It does not matter, all the players are ready to replace Boaz absence. Luckily, this season is not determined by a championship team that has the most points . But all teams have a chance to enter the last eight champions and we can develop our strength and be able to predict points in the last eight. ” he said .
” For me, the opening of the ISL is not a crucial game. Actually, a real one is when we are in the last eight season. Hopefully we are able to keep holding the title. All players have been given training and we enjoy our work . Tomorrow is the time for them to work . But we must be alert. “ said Jackson further. ( Jubi / Arjuna /Tina)

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