Perhutani Postpones Canal Construction in South Sorong


Sorong, Jubi – PT. Perum Perhutani has postponed building a canal because of a dispute with the local community over land rights.

The canal, once built, is expected to facilitate distribution of sago palm stems from the forest to the mill.
“The canal could not be built because  the canal can damage the public perception of sago forest,” head of branch of Perum Perhutani in South Sorong, Ronald Suitelah said at the office in Teminabuan on Wednesday (11/02/2015).

The company will focus on educating the community about the importance of a canal that will not damage the sago forest, and benefit residents and  animals that live in the sago forest.

While tribal leader of Imeko and other five regions including Kais distrct, Dominggus Aifufu stated he would conduct negotiations, so that they would understand and know the intention of the company to build the canal. (Nees Makuba/ Tina)


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