Oil lamps - Suplied

People in Kondo Resort to Oil Lamps due to Lack of Electricty

Oil lamps - Suplied

Oil lamps – Suplied

Merauke, Jubi – Residents of Kondo village, Naukenjerai district, Merauke, have never enjoyed electricity and are still using oil lamps or lanterns for lighting at night.

“Kondo is one of the villages which are very remote and isolated. Until now, there is no road that can connect from the capital city of the district to the village,” said the secretary of Kondo village, Abner Basik-Basik to Jubi on Friday (25/9/2015).

He said the community has proposed to the government to open a road to the village, but the proposal was rejected for various considerations, including sacred places there.

He added that because there is no transportation access, residents have to walk to the city during the dry season and by boat during the rainy season.


However, Kondo village has a generator that is rarely used because the public found difficulty to buy fuel oil (BBM).
“Money that we earned from hunting or fishing, only to meet our daily needs,” he said.

Merauke Regent, Romanus Mbaraka some time ago made a visit to Kondo.
“I admit that the transportation to this village is very difficult. However, the government will gradually give attention to the local community,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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