Illustrated - Jubi

People Asked to Anticipate Two Months Dried Season

Illustrated - Jubi

Illustrated – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Several areas in Papua central highland is expected to experience a weather transition from the rainy season to the dry season.

The Head of Wamena Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Diedrech Benny Marlisa said the dried season in Papua is divided into six zones of season (zom); four in Papua and two in Papua Barat. In Jayawijaya Regency, there are two zones; the northeastern is categorized in Zom 339 and other areas are included into zom 341 with different rainfall.

He predicted the dried season in Zom 339 would start in the early of June to July, while in Zom 341, it would start in the early of July.

“Well, currently the rain intensity in Jayawijaya and the Central Highland is quite reduced, usually it indicates the coming of the dried season,” he said in Wamena on Thursday (26/5/2016).


The climate change in the mountainous area was affected by El Nino and Indian Ocean Divolt System. It used to be happened due to sediment from the Indian Sea penetrating to the territory of Indonesia. Further the Asia-Autralia Moon zone circulation also affects the weather in Indonesia, as well as inter-tropical air areas which usually entering the Indonesian territory; from the north, south and affected by temperature at the southern Papua.

“If the sea surface temperature was hot, it indicates the water evaporation which would form a cloud and become a rainfall. But, However, BMKG forecasted the evaporation would less occurred during June and July to impact to the rain intensity,” he said.

Therefore he expected the local residents to grow the plants that usually planted in the dried season. Meanwhile Jayawijaya Regional Secretary Yohanes Walilo expected people to adjust with the climate in planting.

“So, if the last time was dried season then it came to rainy season and now it returns to dried season, we need to anticipate it. People must know the time to plant and to harvest,” he said.

He said the Jayawijaya Regional Government does not want the drought in the last year would be occurred.

“Therefore, people must be smart in farming. They should not only do planting in the swamp areas but also in the mountainous areas, therefore they have food supplies when the drought was occurred,” he said. He also asked the Forest and Plantation Office to provide assistance to the people to educate them for not burning the forest randomly leading to erosion. (Islami Adisubrata/rom)

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