Persipura FC VS Persiba FC (Jubi)


Persipura FC VS Persiba FC (Jubi)

Persipura FC VS Persiba FC (Jubi)

Jayapura, 20/2 (Jubi) – Indonesia Super League (ISL) defending champions Persipura Jayapura scored their first victory of the season in a match against Persiba Balikpapan at Mandala Jayapura Stadium on Wednesday (20/20).

A penalty awarded to the Black Pearls in the dying seconds of the match was not wasted by Ian Luiz Kabes.

As soon as referee Ahmad Suparman blew the whistle to kick the first half off, Persipura, determined not to lose points on their home turf, were on the offensive mode . Ruben Sanadi’s impressive shot was blocked by Persiba goalkeeper Yudi Khoirudin four minutes into the game.

Persiba went on the counterattack led by Osasuna Carlos Gonzales and Fernando Soler Ganton and managed to put up with the aggressiveness of Persipura players. The first half ended goalless.


In the second half, Persipura did not slow down. They wasted some goal opportunities. The game improved after coach Jacksen F Tiago pulled out Nelson Alom and substituted him with Ferry Pahabol. In 75th minute, Tiago decided to withdraw Andre Ibo and replaced him with with Boas Salossa who missed the previous four games because of injury. The game remained goalless until in the 91st minute when the referee ruled that Arifki Eka Putra of ‘Honey Bear’ Persiba touched the ball in the penalty box. (Jubi’Arjuna/rom)

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