Illustration, Coronavirus. – Jubi/

Patient suspected of having coronavirus hospitalised in Merauke awaiting laboratory test result


Illustration, Coronavirus. – Jubi/

Merauke, Jubi – A patient suspected of having coronavirus is currently undergoing intensive medical treatment at a VIP room in Merauke Regional Public Hospital. However, it has not confirmed yet whether this 46-year-old male patient to be infected. Currently, the hospital authority determined his status as an under-surveillance patient due to fever, cough, runny nose and respiratory issue.

In their press conference on Saturday (14/3/2020), the Secretary of Merauke Regional Health Office Dr Nevil Mustika states the patient hospitalised since Wednesday (11/3/2020). Based on their further examination, the Merauke Regional Health Office finds the patient has attended a seminar in Bogor from 25 to 28 February 2020.

Moreover, Dr Mustika says the health office has received information that a patient died of having coronavirus at Moewardi Hospital, Solo, Central Java on Thursday (12/3/2020) also attended the same seminar. Based on this information, the Merauke Regional Public Hospital takes action to anticipate this and keep monitoring the patient’s current health condition.

“So he [patient] is currently under our supervision because he had the symptoms of respiratory illness, cough, runny nose and fever. We had confirmation that the patient attended a seminar in Bogor. Therefore, we decide to carry out close monitoring to the patient,” says the secretary Nevil Mustika.


Dr Nevil Mustika further asserts that the patient has not positively diagnosed with having coronavirus because it will confirm after the laboratory test. “We will take a specimen from him and send it to the Research and Development Agency in Jakarta for the result,” he says.

At the moment, he says the patient stay in a VIP room of the hospital, while the VIP room has cleared from other patients. As he is now staying in the VIP room, he would not go to the isolation room because there is another patient. However, we apply a standard of isolated treatment toward the patient. Visitors to the VIP room has restricted to nurses and doctors who directly examine the patient, and they have to wear protector,” says Nevil.

So far, until Saturday, Nevil says the Merauke Regional Public Hospital has not found the patient of having coronavirus. “I should tell the public about this, so they would not be panic. But we must remain vigilant,” he appeals.

Meanwhile, the Director of Merauke Regional Public Hospital Dr Yenny Mahuze while asked for confirmation told Jubi via SMS that she is currently in Jakarta for attending the Health Ministry’s event concerning regional referral hospitals for patients suspected or patients with coronavirus.

“If related to the patient with coronavirus, please directly contact the Merauke Regional Health Office for further explanation. So far, no patient with coronavirus treated in the local public hospital,” she asserts. (*)


Reporter: Ans K

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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