Pastor Nato Gobay (front) (Jubi)

Pastor Nato Gobay : AIDS Affects 45 Clans of Meepago

Pastor Nato Gobay (front) (Jubi)

Pastor Nato Gobay (front) (Jubi)

Nabire, Jubi – Pastor Nato Gobay said HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of more than 2,000 or 3,000 Papuans since 1998. Now it is already spreading, particularly in Nabire and is  a cause for concern.

“We never had an idea it would come to Papua, but it’s grown among us and it has taken lives in Papua, especially those who live in the Meepago region (Nabire, Paniai, Intan Jaya, Dogiyai, Deiyai and Mimika),” Gobay said during a conference on HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Elimination in Nabire, Papua on Monday (17/11).

He said  AIDS has been the integral part of the human’s life, as well as the human’s enemy. Gradually, it began to digest the human flesh in Meepago region.

He further said the grand conference is aimed to fight against the alcohol and to prevent and eliminate AIDS dissemination.
“Prevention is the best way and most valuable. If we kept tolerate the disease, the innocent humans in this region would be gone. I dare to say if Papuans ignore the alcohol and AIDS; soon or later they would be gone. Up to day, HIV/AIDS has destroyed more than 45 clans of Meepago region. The rest also might be destroyed for the same reason ,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Nabire Regent Isaias Douw said in community, the HIV/AIDS has developed to the extreme point. The number of patients always increases from time to time.
“If we refer to this phenomenon, the HIV/AIDS patients in Papua would be higher that it was reported in the database. And Meepago is in the third rank after Jayapura Regency,” said Douw.

He also said this situation has became the serious threat for Meepago community, especially young generation. The uncontrolled distribution of alcohol has caused the social problems among community, such as theft, disputes, rape, and free sex that could possibly become the entrance of the HIV/AIDS transmission.
“Nabire is the gate of six other regencies. I ask to all of us to return to the church and the government. Let’s resolve this problem together. Never leave them alone, let’s together. We could not handle it alone because our budget allocation for each regency is limited,” he said. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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