Paray Monument at East Biak (

Paray Tourism Beach Is Less Attractive to Visitors

Paray Monument at East Biak (

Paray Monument at East Biak (

Biak, Jubi – Biak and Supiori local residents are rarely visiting the Paray Tourism Beach either during the weekend or other official holidays because it is now polluted with glass, plastic, dried leaves and other garbage.

Two local high schools students, Martha Yarangga and Klara Simbiak told Koran Jubi when visiting the beach on Sunday (4/10) that before the beach was a main local tourism attraction because it was clean and beautiful.
“In the past, the beach was crowded with visitors. People liked it because it was clean. People came for recreation and took pictures in the monument of the Second World War at the beach. But now it looks dirty, people rarely want to come,” Simbiak said.

Martha Yarangga urged the Department of Tourism and Culture of Biak Numfor Regency to pay attention to this problem. She the government could help the local community develop their economy by improving the condition of the beach.  (Marten Boseren/Albert Yomo/rom)


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