Japanese Cave, a tourism destination in Biak Regency - Jubi

Papua’s Unsafe Reputation Hurts Tourism

Japanese Cave, a tourism destination in Biak Regency - Jubi

Japanese Cave, a tourism destination in Biak Regency – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The head of the Papua Tourism and Creative Economy Office, David Pagawak, said Wednesday (24/2/2016) that Papua tourism has not improved due to the stigma that the region is unsafe.

The image has deterred both domestic and international tourists from visiting Papua.

“If it was crimes and public security problems, it’s normal because it’s also happening in other regions. Papua in general is safe, why do they not want to come, because there is a stigma obstructing both domestic and international tourists to come,” he said.
According to Pagawak, many travel bureaus in Jakarta distorted many tourists who want to come to Papua to other destinations such as Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and other regions.

“Scaring the tourists was not good, further diverting their destinations. This is often done by the travel bureaus. Let them to come here because there are many good objects to be seen in Papua,” he said.


In order to promote the tourism in Papua, said Pagawak, it could not be done only by his office, all groups must be involved. So it should ne a synergy between stakeholders. “I can not work alone because our responsibility is to promote the existing natural resources,” said Pagawak.

Earlier, the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said the tourism potency in Papua is not only need to be promoted widely but also need to repackage to bring the regional revenue (PAD).

“If all potencies in Papua was well packaged by involving all relevant stakeholders, it would attract many local and foreign tourists to visit Papua,” said Lukas Enembe. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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