Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe - Jubi

Papua’s 2014 Democracy Index at 60.92 Percent

Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe (Jubi)

Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Indonesian Democracy Index (IDI ) for Papua province in 2014 reached 60.92, up 0.21 points compared to the previous year.

Papua governor Lukas Enembe, in Jayapura, last week, said, IDI achievement is due to the nature of democracy is conducive and also there is a guarantee for Papuans to utilize and explore their potential for the better life. Even though there are some local conflicts with limited escalation

“During 2014, people have enjoyed the secure and peaceful atmosphere. It can be seen by the increasing adherence of community against the law, decreasing horizontal conflict and declining numbers criminality, “he said.

He said thus one of the achievements of the mission development which has been implemented until fiscal year 2014 is to create an atmosphere of safe, secure and comfort for the whole community


in Papua. “We are also trying to realize good governance, clean, dignified and strengthening special autonomy, “he said again.

He added that the company has set the main tasks, functions and nomenclature of each SKPD that ends up on the direction correct posture to achieve an efficient government bureaucracy, high-performance, clean and dignified to serve the community. (*)

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