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Papuans Urged not to be Provoked by Terrorism

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Jayapura, Jubi – Papuans have been urged not to be provoked by the terrorist attack that occurred in the area of ​​Sarinah Thamrin, Jakarta on Thursday (14/1/2016).

The assistant for Economic Affairs and Social Welfare Secretary Papua Province, Elia Loupatty, said in Jayapura Friday (15/1/2016) that all parties in Papua should remain calm and and always provide information to the authorities if they find things that are suspicious.

“I think our officials are well-prepared and the public has anticipated it. If there may be things that are suspicious, should immediately notify it because the participation of the community is very important,” he said.

In response, Loupatty expects full participation of the community to be able to tell, if there occurs matters in suspicious.
According to him, besides participating, people are also expected to assist the work of the authorities in maintaining security in Papua.


“I hope all people who live in Papua to provide comfort and take part in maintaining stability and security in Papua. We should jointly maintain order and security in Papua,” he said.

He added, government hopes anyone or any group who lives in Papua to not create fear and chaos in Papua

“Go home, if you want to mess up, because we are here is fine, do not infuriated the people of Papua,” he said.

Earlier, the governor of Papua Lukas Enembe urged the groups that go to Papua with the intention of disturbing public order and security in Indonesia’s easternmost province, to immediately leave the earth of Paradise.

“I ask groups who enter Papua to disturb public stability and security, immediately leave Papua,” said Enembe. (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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