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Papuans Travel to Jakarta Demanding Regional Splits

Ilustration - Jub

Ilustration – Jub

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator, Laurenzus Kadepa warned parties in Papua against selling the Papuan people to propose regional or provincial divisions to the central government.

He said regional divisions should be viewed from all sides carefully.  All aspects should be calculated, both good and bad impacts towards the indigenous should be reviewed, not only for the ambition towards the power, money and position, the elites ask for the split to the central government.
“Don’t sell the issue and people for the sake of the split, whether it is at the regional or municipal or provincial levels. Don’t use the reason of the acceleration of development and people’s welfare as reference to ask for the split or New Autonomous Region (DOB). This is totally a mistake,” Kadepa told Jubi on Wednesday (5/10/2016).

He asked the central government to cancel all proposals of DOB for Papua. He said the split need the budget, if there is the split, the budget efficiency socialized by the central government would mean nothing.
“Regional split is not solution to resolve the problems in Papua. On the other hand, it would cause the new problems. Papuans are odds, just directly come to Jakarta asking for the regional splits. Why didn’t they ask to the provincial government that is accordance with the government mechanism,” he said.
According to him, asking the split for the reason that the Papua Island has three times of Java Island does not make sense. It is only a strategy of a group of people who only need this split for their position, money and power.
“Do not lose conscience, selling the people and another else to pave the split for the personal or group interests. The split is not the answer towards the problems occurred in Papua,” he said.
On Tuesday (4/10/2016), Regional Representative Council (DPD) of the Indonesian House of Representatives held the National Consolidation Meeting (Rakornas) on DOB by involving the governors, regents and mayors from the entire regions of Indonesia in Gedung Nusantara V Jakarta.
Rakornas lead by the Committee I Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Akhmad Muqowan. In the Rakornas, a number of DOBs at the provincial, regional and municipal was presented. As many as 15 proposed provincial DOBs , 129 regional DOBs and 27 municipal DOBs were discussed in this meeting.
“Without DPD, the split can not be done, it is the mandate of the Law 23 Year 2014. In this case, please be understand that in materializing a DOB, the reference is this law,” he said.
He hoped there would not be a problem in the establishment of new autonomous region, so the representatives should not need to confirm it. Yapen Islands Regent Toni Tesar asked the chairman suggestion about DOB shouldn’t start from zero but it is enough to do through amendment, so the preparation as regulated in the law should done be done. At the same place, Tolikara Deputy Regent Amos Yikwa admitted he support whatever decided by the Committee I of the Indonesian House of Representatives related to DOBs establishment in Papua Province.
“Pegunungan Bintang is consisting of 46 sub-districts and 546 villages. In principle the DOBs should be existed in Kembu and Bogoga,” said Amos.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tjohjo Kumolo said the DOBs could not be discussed within this year or next year due to the instability of state financial. The central government does not want to burden the parent (former) government, because the state’s financial condition is critical and it would give the impact to the budget deduction from the central to the regional, as well as the economic condition is not stable yet.
“The government would conduct a rigorous and gradual selection to carefully consider the regulation, social political, budget fiscal, national economic as well as the regional geographical situation. We would report the final decision on DOB establishment to the president. Please be understood that we keep respecting the public constitutional,” said the minister Cahyo. (*/rom)

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